Property Purchase Project


The Property Purchase Project is a structured and secured investment mechanism that allows you to benefit from this buying power and expertise.

Every now and again, an investment strategy comes along that is a complete game changer. EH International has been very busy over the last few months negotiating a strategic partnership with a private developer based in Monaco, who specialise in purchasing UK residential stock in large quantities direct from the banking system. With the huge buying power available to them, they are able to negotiate massive discounts on stock of up to 65% below market valuation.

Your investment of £750,000 is controlled by a third party solicitor’s account and managed under strict contractual obligations. Your investment allows you to purchase UK residential property without any deposit, at typically 55% discount, giving you a large equity from the outset. We guarantee your investment is returned in full at the end of 2 years, in addition to 20 unencumbered companies that are all yielding between 8-10% rental returns.

The PPP produces an infinite return on capital employed in the 2 years and also offers a Safe Return of the whole investment.

The PPP benefits from Low Risk, High Diversification, Excellent Growth and Minimal Risk to Capital whilst securing your investment against assets with equity from the outset.

This programme is capped at a certain amount of clients per year so only the keenest investors will be accepted.

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