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Primus Place, Postgraduate Student Accommodation Investment

Student housing in the United Kingdom has outperformed every other commercial property class in delivering consistent returns over the past few years. Between 1999 and 2012, the number of students in higher education grew by an unprecedented 540,000.

The dynamic of the student housing market has been completely changed by the influx of international students from countries such as China, India, Malaysia and Nigeria, and with it there has been a huge increase in opportunities available to investors.

These international students tend to demand a little more than the old-fashioned converted houses and ‘cluster flats’ that are traditionally at UK universities and can often afford to pay a premium for high-quality purpose-built accommodation. In fact it is estimated that 50% of students residing in the UK private and purpose-built sectors come from overseas.

International students are particularly prominent within postgraduate sector - 36% of postgraduate students are from overseas.

Postgraduates from both the UK and overseas tend to be more independent and focused on study than undergraduates, which reduces the need for the kind of vast common facilities which are seen in undergraduate student accommodation and reduce revenue for the investor.

Over the past few years the postgraduate market has seen strong growth due to its counter-cyclical nature and a heavy influx of international students. Within the UK postgraduate sector there are now 600,000 students and this market is heavily undersupplied.

A particularly strong investment product, postgraduate student accommodation is set to provide yields that are 50% greater than normal buy-to-let products.

Postgraduate Student Accommodation

Apartments from £68,000, Assured net rental yield of 8% for 5 years

A brand-new and exclusive investment opportunity in the under-supplied postgraduate student property market.

TR Global would like to introduce Primus Place, a brand-new and exclusive investment opportunity in the under-supplied postgraduate student property market.

For several years, student accommodation has been the asset class of choice for many. However, most developers have over looked the post graduate market and as a result we are seeing a huge under supply of purpose built accommodation for this demographic.

Primus Place has tapped into this market with a stunning project literally 2 minutes away from the main University in Leicester A savvy investor will be keen to get on board with this new direction of student accommodation and stay ahead of the curve. 

For a full breakdown of the location, market, investment and security then please request the project summary PDF.

Located in the heart of Leicester city centre, within 200 metres of De Montfort University and a kilometre of the University of Leicester, Primus Place boasts 150 larger than average high quality student apartments designed specifically to meet the needs of postgraduate students who tend to seek a more independent environment than undergraduates.

The agent is offering investments in fully-furnished, self-contained apartments with private kitchens and bathrooms from £68,000. This hands-off investment is managed at all times by reputable asset managers and delivers an assured net rental yield of 8% p/a over the coming five years.

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The Location

Leicester is home to two top-quality universities, the University of Leicester and De Montfort University. 38,000 students currently study at the two universities, of which almost 10,000 are postgraduates.

Over the last ten years, Leicester and De Montfort universities have been decreasing their student housing stock in order to spend more money on educational and research provision which will increase the attractiveness of Leicester to students worldwide.

This, coupled with tougher Homes in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) legislation which makes it difficult for landlords to let their properties as shared student housing ensures there is a void in the city which can only be filled by the purpose-built sector.

Primus Place Leicester
Investment Snapshot
  • Located in the centre of Leicester and 2 minutes walk from the University main building
  • Aimed at the under supplied, post graduate market where the demand is HUGE
  • City centre, studio apartments with a tangible value and therefor a solid exit strategy
  • Paying 8% NET assured rental return for 5 years!
  • Instant return on investment paid during construction of project
  • Full title ownership – no speculation
  • Yearly capital appreciation of 5% per annum (conservative)
  • Fully furnished and a high quality finish
  • Recent £100 million investment from Cancer Research to the Leicester University will only increase future demand!
  • Reserve your unit today with small holding fee deducted from the purchase price
  • Intricate due diligence and documentation available

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