Enlightening Media

LED Billboard Investment 

Enlightening Media has a small window of opportunity to convert existing (static poster) billboards into; 4K LED, High Resolution, Outdoor Media Displays in high profile key locations across the globe!

To benefit from being able to advertise multiple advertisements on the same display, increasing revenues by six times plus. Social media giants such as Snap Chat and Instagram have paved the way for 10 second video adverts and major brands have followed suit, creating high impact campaigns in just 10 seconds! That’s 6 adverts per minute and 6 times the revenue of a static billboard! The industry leaders; JC Decaux (JCD) and Clear Channel are charging up to 60% more to run a video advert over a static image yet the additional cost is zero.


Investment Opportunity

Enlightening Media secures locations where often static billboards already exist, in high traffic, high profile locations. Once the site has been secured, money is raised from private investors to convert the billboard from a ‘print and poster sign’ into a 4K, HD, state of the art media display.

For more information about this investment and to download a free brochure visit www.fcpinvest.co.uk

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