UK to double 5p charge on plastic bags

UK to double 5p charge on plastic bags

UK to double 5p charge on plastic bags

Currently, the 5p charge to consumers only applies in shops which employ 250 people or more, which must charge a minimum of 5p for every plastic bag. The UK government is proposing to apply the charge to all stores throughout the UK while the new charge would be 10p per bag.

The seven largest retailers in the UK have reported that disposable plastic bag sales have dropped by 86% since the original charge was introduced in 2015 while donations collected for good causes because of the charge now exceeds £58 million, so it is safe to say that from a social impact standpoint, it is certainly having the desired effect.

One company that is positioned perfectly to benefit from these types of policy changes is AB Group Packaging, a major manufacturer of sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging who supply multinational clients in the UK, US, Ireland and Spain.

The company are right now in the rather luxurious position of having more client orders across its four manufacturing plants than it can physically produce. Their clients include major high street names such as Starbucks, Primark, TK Maxx, Debenhams, Arcadia Group, Coca Cola and Amazon, to name just a small number of them.

With consistent annual turnover of 30 millionEuros + they fall slightly under the threshold insisted by investment banks for funding and an asset finance facility was deemed as too expensive to fulfill. As such, a corporate bond has been structured whereby up to £4 million will be raised to increase production and fulfill the orders it currently has.

To accomplish this, the directors have released a 4-year bond paying a fixed annual coupon of 7% per annum, it is fully securitized and early redemption is available. The offer is open to High Net Worth Individuals and Self-Certified Sophisticated Investors.

Due to demand from our members who were asking for us to introduce more “green” investments, we researched a number of companies within the sector and found that AB Group Packaging were the company that satisfied us the most in terms of what we ourselves would look for when investing our own money into this area, they are a company whose social impact ethos and track record speaks for itself.

We are at a time when governments across the globe are phasing out the use of single use plastic bags. France banned them in 2015, California and Michigan were the first 2 states in the US to outlaw them completely and are expected to be followed by many others very soon since having also rolled out a charge.

Based on our commitment to our members as well as our desire to move towards a more socially impactful investing ethos we have identified a very real and viable company with proven history, revenue and strong foothold in the market which has also been at the forefront of changing corporate opinions on how to deal with the disproportionate production of non-biodegradable waste. Their products are 100% sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

We and our members believe that by supporting and investing in the expansion of AB Group we are taking an active role in reducing carbon footprints and contributing to the reduction of non-biodegradable waste, all while earning 7% a year doing so.

Can you see yourself doing the same? If so, go ahead and contact us at or by calling us on +44 (0)207 183 1478.

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