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START EARNING Up to 18% on invested capital

The High Street Group offers investors the opportunity to earn up to 18% with their 18 month UK property loan note.

Capital at risk | Illiquid and non-transferable. Not FSCS

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High Street Loan Note

The High Street Group Loan note is an opportunity to invest in HSG’s vision. Please read the key risks below.

Fixed Rate of Return

Offering a fixed rate of return of 18% on your investment capital.

Investor Confidence

This investment is secured by a corporate guarantee from the High Street Group.

Flexible Entry Levels

Entry levels start from £10,000 - £500,000 to support every type of investor.

Regular Interest Payments

Receive regular 5% interest payments every 6 months. (Capital returned on 18th month.)

Established Company

As a highly regarded business established for more than a decade, the High Street Group is one of the North East’s leading property firms.

SIPP and SSAS Approved

Invest though your current SIPP or SSAS using our flexible investment structure.

High Street Group Loan Notes do not carry FSCS protection
Invested capital is at risk
Seek independent financial advice before making any investment decision

Who are the High Street Group?


  • The High Street Group employs more than 100 people in our head office in Newcastle upon Tyne and across our development sites. You can find more information here about our experienced Management Team, our mission and values, and our charity work and support.

  • If you’d like to know even more about The High Street Group, just ask. Feel free to contact us HERE

Our Projects

High Street will provide investors within the loan note with monthly updates on all ongoing and potential projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a loan note?

    A loan note is a finanacial instrument which evidences the existence of a debt between a borrower (issuer) and one or more lenders (noteholder(s)) and the promise by the issuer to repay the amounts outstanding under the loan note to the noteholder(s). It provides details such as the loan amount, repayment dates and terms.

  • Can I include this investment as part of my SIPP or SSAS?

    Yes, this investment can be included as part of your SIPP or SSAS.

  • How often do I receive my interest payments?

    You receive 5% every 6 months, capital returned on 18th month.

  • How are HSG able to offer high returns in a short space of time?

    HSG take advantage of buying off-market sites at a discounted price. HSG use their experienced team of architects and surveyors to redesign a project, significantly increasing the red-book valuation.

  • Can I invest as a Company, and are joint applications allowable?

    Yes, company investment or joint applications can be accepted.

  • How much can I invest?

    Investors can invest from £10,000 upwards.


Your capital is at risk

The Company, like all businesses, is vulnerable to financial difficulties and investing in securities issued by the Company may involve significant risk of loss of capital. There is no guarantee that the Company’s strategy or trading activities will be successful or that returns on the Loan Notes will meet the targets set out in the Information Memorandum. There is no certainty that the Loan Notes will be repaid at maturity or that the Company will be able to make interest payments when they fall due. The Loan Notes are unsecured debts of the Issuer. On a winding up, Noteholders will rank below employees, administrators and any fixed and/or floating charge holders and alongside other unsecured debts of the Issuer.

Read the full information memorandum

This web page intentionally does not include an application form and cannot be considered an offer. Any investment decision should be made on the basis of the information memorandum which will only be made available to investors who confirm that (a) they are a professional client of an adviser authorised under FSMA; (b) they are a retail client of an adviser authorised under FSMA and that adviser will comply with the FCA’s rules on suitability or (c) they are a high net worth, sophisticated or restricted investor under the FCA rules and that their adviser (or other arranger) with comply with the FCA’s rules on appropriateness.

Non-transferable & Illiquid Investment

The Loan Note is not transferable or negotiable on the capital markets and no application will be made for the Loan Note to be admitted for listing or trading on any market. It will not be possible to sell or realise the Loan Note until they are repaid by the Issuer and prospective Investors should be prepared to hold the Loan Notes to maturity.

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